Men's Skull Polo

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The Red Glare Polo Shirt is the flagship product of the Red Glare brand. The Red Glare Polo Shirt's collar is meant to be popped...all the time. By doing this, we are accelerating the come back of the infamous popped collar. Our patent-pending design ensures that no other brand can put anything on the back collar. You will never find this shirt anywhere else. Period.

The Red Glare Polo Shirt is the ultimate conversation starter. Everywhere from the beach to the country club, to the shooting range, the Red Glare Polo Shirt will get you instantly noticed. The subtle design is something that once you see, you can never un-see. There is no better emblem to show off your love for our country than the American Flag. The Popped Collar Polo makes a statement from behind so you have the opportunity to make an impression from the front.

This 100% Cotton Pique polo comes in Stark White and Nautical Navy in sizes small through extra-large. The American Flag on the collar is embroidered into the shirt. Shirts are to be worn with the collar up at all times.