Behind the Stars and Stripes

With a deep loyalty to our country and a constant drive for innovation, the Red Glare Popped Collar Polo was born.

The Red Glare Popped Collar Polo offers a fresh take on the most iconic piece of preppy American clothing: the Polo Shirt. 

Our collars are designed to always be popped so the American flag can be seen at all times. With our patent-pending design, you will never find another product like this. Period. 

At Red Glare, we strive to modernize the preppy lifestyle through innovation with never-before seen products.

This shirt makes a statement from behind, so you have the opportunity to make an impression from the front. You are guaranteed to be noticed wherever you go. This is a shirt you can wear from the golf course, to the board room, or the beach. At its core, we have fundamentally changed the concept of the popped collar. And this is just the beginning. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and welcome to Red Glare.


George E. Gotfredson

Founder, Red Glare LLC